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Strollers have to meet many requirements in order to be the absolute best. After months of researching the market and comparing thousands of products, we’ve come to the conclusion that the Graco FastAction Fold is the absolute best baby stroller money can buy. We’ve analyzed a variety of factors, which range from owner feedback to expert review sites. In addition, we’ve looked at the value offered for the price, the overall brand quality and even the social media activity gathered around the Graco FastAction Fold. After all this thorough research, we’re resolute on recommending it to people who want a comfortable stroller for kids up to 50 pounds. Besides, the model has a convertible 3 or 5-point harness that can keep your child safe at all times. What’s more, the unit has a parent tray with two deep cup holders as well as a child tray that can be fully removed. If, for some reason, you find that the Graco FastAction Fold is either out of your budget or unavailable, it might be worth considering the second best product on the line. Britax B-Ready has almost the same features as the previously mentioned model, even though it’s a tad heavier.


Professional buying guide


Best baby strollerA. Terrain Usability

Finding the best baby strollers in 2016 means you have to determine the kind of terrain the unit will be generally used on. This ensures that you have the right type for the specific terrain that the model is utilized for.

Jogger strollers are perfect for bumpy and twisting pathways, as they provide good traction, decent suspension and functional wheels.

Good suspension and great wheels are also necessary to navigate through crowded city sidewalks. However, you have to make sure the wheels are not too large, which will enable you to weave in and out of the crowds with ease.

Flat sidewalks can be navigated through with a model made for spacious areas of strolling. Make sure the stroller has the features you want to make your walks with the baby really enjoyable.

In addition, you will need to consider the weight of the unit, as well as its ease of carrying. You should easily be able to pop it up and fold it up without assistance, if possible. You should be able to hold the baby in one arm and break the unit down with the other. Consider too, that you might need ample storage capability for anything you may bring or pick up during the stroll with the baby.


Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Child Weight Capacity Price Harness Stroller weight Our Rating Where to buy

Graco FastAction Fold

Up to 50 pounds $$$ 5pt 30 pounds A+ AMAZON

Britax B-Ready

55 pounds $$$$ 5pt 36 pounds A AMAZON

Baby Trend Expedition

50 pounds $$$ 5pt 25.5 pounds B+ AMAZON

Summer Infant 3D Lite

50 pounds $$ 5pt 12 pounds B AMAZON

Maclaren Triumph

55 pounds $$$ 5pt 11.9 pounds B+ AMAZON


B. Adjustability and Versatility

If both you and your partner wish to be able to bring baby along on a walk in the park or just a leisurely stroll in the neighborhood, you may want to consider a model mentioned in the baby stroller reviews built with adjustable handlebars.

But that’s not all that needs to be adjustable.

The recline position should also be adjustable to two or three levels for the baby’s comfort. Preferably, the stroller should have snap-and-go functionality, making it easy to attach the seat for vehicle riding and to transfer it to the stroller unit.

Most parents choose to get more than one stroller for a variety of purposes and ages. They have one for jogging, another for traveling and a third one for quick trips to the mall or zoo.


C. Features and Convenience

There is no single stroller that is made perfect and complete. This is in terms of features. What one of the top infant strollers of 2016 is built with may not be present in in another, and vice versa. The important thing is to determine the more essential elements you want the unit to have. If it’s storage you want, go for a model with a nice size basket underneath. Some strollers have a parent tray as well as a child tray, so you and your child can both enjoy your beverages.

Others have a storage pocket at the back of the seat where you can place your keys, mobile device and wallet. Foot rests, sun visors, canopies and peek-a-boo windows are convenient.

Another important feature is easy removability and washability of the seat, so you can keep it looking clean. Of course, the padding should be adequate for the baby’s comfort. The stroller should provide a quality harness for the baby’s safety.


Products to consider


When you need a good and reliable stroller, there are plenty of options on the market. Active parents prevent a jogging stroller because it offers them the ability to keep up with their lifestyle, even if they need to look after a newborn. Here are the best baby strollers 2016 that will offer you a head start for selecting the ideal stroller.


Graco FastAction Fold


1.Graco FastActionWhen you are on the go, there is no better stroller than one that can fold using a single hand. With your baby in one arm, and just one free hand, you may find yourself in a terrible conundrum, but the Graco FastAction Fold Jogger solves all these issues in a heartbeat. Considered by many to be the best baby stroller for running you can find today, it is a great choice for active parents. The rubber tires are filled with air to provide a smooth ride for your baby, contributing to the overall comfort of the model.

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Britax B-Ready


2.Britax B-Ready StrollerIn case you are looking for a customizable stroller, to adapt to your baby’s needs, and also ideal for connecting with car seats and bassinets, the Britax B-Ready Stroller is one of the best choices available. The top seat can be reversed, depending on how you want your baby to travel, facing towards you or ready to experiment the world through her own eyes. The seat can be reclined to accommodate your baby’s preferences, and the foam filled tires make the ride as smooth as possible.

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Baby Trend Expedition


3.Baby Trend Expedition Jogger StrollerAnother model that is a great choice for jogging parents, the Baby Trend Expedition Jogger is among the best rated baby strollers with big wheels out there. The wheels are similar to the construction of bicycle wheels and they are highly versatile, handling with ease any kind of terrain. The front wheel can be locked in place when you are jogging and let free, when you need increased maneuverability. The large canopy protects your baby against the harsh sun, and the 5 point harness is already considered a necessary safety feature.

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Summer Infant 3D Lite


4.Summer Infant 2015This model is the best choice for parents who are looking for a really lightweight option. Weighing just 12 pounds, because of its aluminum frame, this stroller is a convenient choice for many. Although it is so lightweight, the stroller sacrifices nothing when it comes to durability and comfort. The seat is wide enough to accommodate your baby without causing any discomfort, and the generous storage space present is highly praised by users. The canopy can be removed or extended, as the need arises, and the extra visor is an added plus.

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Maclaren Triumph


5.Maclaren Triumph StrollerWeighing less than 12 pounds, this is another lightweight version that is absolutely loved by parents. Your baby will surely love this comfortable stroller that comes equipped with several reclining positions so it can adjust perfectly with your baby’s needs. The hood is waterproof and it serves as an ideal anti-rain canopy, so you can walk your baby in the park even when there is a chance of rain. A rain cover is included, as well. A 5 point harness ensures that your baby will not accidentally slip from the seat.

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